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For a long time there was no excitement as big as this Fw15c is a very different way of looking at the sets with the return of maximalism, color and bold accessories. No one is one-dimensional what makes fashion with its endless options a means of expression to tell others who we are, how we feel and especially that lack the others have of us. Do the new wardrobe by the range of options this season presents us with easier than usual. Here are some steps I hope it easens and helps you make fantastic choices!

The first step is to never wear anything that doesn’t make me feel comfortable. The trends are a mere indication of options, all we know instinctively of what really makes us feel good. Sometimes we’re diverted from this space of comfort, that doesn’t have to be boring, we are enchanted Pied Piper style to buy any piece that 10 minutes after we know is a mistake. One of the many reasons why I’m a fan of online shopping, is because I can always return and let’s be honest, how many pieces would have you returned if you could?

The second step is to never go shopping when you’re in a bad mood. I know there are days that we have to buy no matter what. We definitely buy up clothing that is not our size! What to do? It’s winter buy  socks we need socks and then there’s nothing wrong with that, when the summer comes we must think of another solution.

The third step is to do a clean closet before you go shopping. Get rid of everything you don’t want, write down what you  need, the basic Cabinet Fund that you must not forget are timeless but can also wear out, so always check their state. This list must be made in order of priorities. First buy the jacket and after the overcoat for the simple fact that you’re going to use the jacket  first, basic stuff right? In a next article we will make this list that is across all styles and with small changes that are equal for all. Last step, what to buy beyond the basics?

What is trendy but doesn’t compromise our own style, the small details that update what you already have and must have:

1 – printed shirts, flared  dark jeans, vests or shearling coats .

2 – The pastels are easy to coordinate with pieces that we already have and create an instant update to your wardrobe. Choose a pastel jacket and coordinate with light pants and top and white sneakers. Easy huh?

3 – The knit, knit pants with a silk blouse or slip silk dress with a cashmere cardigan, so chic, so cosy!

4 – Accessories, rise instantly and are essential to complete the look, be careful and use the forms that do not overlap but rather complete as a last stroke in a painting.

Happy shopping!!!

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Written by Carla