Can you handle 4 colours?

For the most of us wearing more than 2 ,3 colours tops is more than we can handle.But, as in everything in life, it’s all a matter of balance, like we do in shapes playing with proportions, with colours we juggle with harmony and we can add as many colours as we want.There are no specific rules for those that won’t play safe colour combinations, with the exception of harmony. Usually when something doesn’t feel right,it probably isn’t!! that’s the tip, “listen “ to your eyes, they know when to set the fashion alarm! These colours I chose today are pretty safe but still not boring . But most of all, always have fun dressing!!

I hope you enjoy today’s post and don’t forget to send me your comments :)!


Pants and Shirt Dsquared Scarf Gucci all in Fátima Mendes  Coat Max Mara, Sneakers Eytys  Net a PorterJewelery Tentação Jóias

Written by Carla