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Today I was missing Paris…so what can a girl do in these days? Easy, dress like a french girl, if Maomé doesn’t go to the montain…

And in my book there’s no one that make me feel more a french girl ! Thank you  Cecilia Bönström ! As you all khnow I have a post all about Zadig & Voltaire so it was time to show how I tranlate the brand to my personnal style.A long cardigan with extra-long sleeves make  it an easy autumn go-to . And the scarf the key piece of Zadig & Voltaire complement the statement of this brand !

Still not in Paris, but feeling like I am!


I hope you enjoyed today’s post and I’ll be looking forward to your comments :)!


Cardigan, T shirt, Scarf all Zadig & Voltaire, Skirt Iro, Bag and Boots Gucci,  my own jewelry.


Written by Carla