Hello everyone!

Today’s post is in a place that I am very fond of, the farmers market. Yes I am all about organic food ,freshly produced vegetables that were just picked (with earth in the roots still) and fresh and beautiful flowers to brigthen my house and add a sense of spring (eventhough it’s not)! About the look denim shorts with chunky-knit dress wear as sweater,effortless, confy and yes warm ,temperatures are dropping but usually I’m not a fan of coverup. After all south of Europe is cold during this time of the year but with plenty of sun! Thank the good God for these sunny days!!

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and I’ll be looking forward to your comments :)!

Dress MqC in mytheresa,  shirt Dolce&Gabanna,  denim shorts Dsquared,  scarf Gucci  in Fátima Mendes, Fendi leather slip-on sneakers  in Linda Mendes 

Written by Carla