Good morning!

I know that all of you girls said countless times  the sentence “I have nothing to wear.” You know those days, when you barge through  all the clothes in your closet and nothing feels right and suddenly all the room is a mess? Well when I’m in one of those days I have  a ready, quick look that always seems right no matter the mood I am in that day, what I’d like to call “The Monday’s Uniform.” All of us have a black jacket a good pair of jeans a white shirt,you can also use a black one, and a pair of sneakers. These are the basics of any women’s wardrobe so that’s why I call them a uniform, it’s prety much the equivalent of any work uniform. Monday  because this happens more often  on monday  I don’t really know why, but at least for me it always works!

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and I’ll be looking forward to your comments :)!

Jacket and T-shirt Here 

Jeans Here

Sneakers Here

Bag Here

Written by Carla