Good morning girls!

I’m so over the winter aren’t you? It seems spring is just a vision,  stores are full of exciting pieces that we rush to buy and we can’t wear them yet… So we have to be smart! Refreshing the wardrobe is the key to our mental health right?!

Here are 3 tips on what to buy now and wear all time around:

1-Jeans. I know what is crossing your mind right now! I have tons, yes but a new pair always make me happy. New colour, fit, lenght and endless details can change instantly your look meaning updating what is sooo last season!

2-Coat ,we still need them, unfortunatly, so buy one that is special enough to change completely the winter vibe and bring a sense of spring!

3-Sunglasses, always bring joy to any girl and are a safe bet .

Another tip, this one is free which is always good, change your hair, not dramaticly lets not get too crazy, just do another hairstyle, a braid or anything that you can easily do at home .

Hope you like these easy and simple tips that, I assure you, are what we need right now to lift our spirits while spring doesn’t arrive!

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and I’ll be looking forward to your comments :)!

Cape Here

Jeans Here 

Written by Carla