Good morning everyone!

Last post with black tights. Spring is quickly approaching and I am the first one to get rid of them, because they seem too wintery. During this time of the year I enjoy using warm, yet lighter clothes, even though I am a person that never says never, I’m more of a “kinda” girl.

When I say that I’m getting rid of something, I usually get rid of it!! So no more tights for me girls. If I’m cold I’ll wear some pants. Well, jeans. Leather jacket, mini skirt and a good pair of ballerinas. Another “Monday uniform”. Remeber the last post when I addressed this? It’s the kind of clothing we don’t need to create. Requires zero effort, and always looks polished for all sorts of occasions.


Girls, your thoughts will be appreciated. Thank you and bye bye!!

Leather jacket old similar Here

 Top, skirt  last season

Scarf Gucci,

Shoes Guiseppe Zannoti

 Jewelry my own

Written by Carla