This isn’t my first post about Paris, but I feel that I could do one every week, content about this city is endless… This time it’s about my favourite spots to eat in Paris. The best niçoise salade, the perfectly flaky escargot-shaped pastries, and the best éclair, yes I know what you’re thinking, Laduré, but are you sure they’re the best? The restaurant that has the perfect sunset view, and no, not talking about the Eiffel tower retaurants even though they have an amazing view, obviously! My favourite café, and now you’re wondering how is that possible in Paris! How can anyone pick only one, they have so many, all perfect, but I do have a favourite, and that doesn’t mean that’s the only one I go, means that every time I go to Paris I can’t skip this one.   Á bientôt Pareee!!

Não é o  meu primeiro post sobre Paris, mas há sempre tanto para descobrir sobre esta cidade que tenho a certeza de que, também não será o último… Desta vez alguns dos sítios preferidos, não todos, caso contrário seria um post interminável e aborrecido! Quando penso num éclair, onde vou, não, não estou a falar da Laduré, um restaurante com uma vista perfeita do pôr do sol em Paris, mais uma vez não me refiro a nenhum dos restaurantes da torre Eiffel, os doces de padaria perfeitos…. o café e sim eu sei que o que estão a pensar, como é possível escolher um só! Na realidade, este eu não dispenso, mas não quer dizer que não vá a outros, seria imperdoável claro! E os sítios que visito sempre, descubra tudo já a seguir, links de cada um deles e fotografias que não vai querer deixar de ver! Á bientôt Pareee!!


72 rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris (+33 1 43 54 47 77;
Known as the Dior of desserts, Hermé was head pastry chef at luxury delicatessen Fauchon before opening three boutiques of his own. Renowned for his deconstruction of classics such as the millefeuille as well as for new designs, such as Turkish delight with lime-and-basil cream. Hermé also has a boutique on 185 rue Vaugirard in the 15th arrondissement.INF_VANILLE_CATEGORIE_450x315

19 rue Beaubourg, Place Georges Pompidou, 75004 Paris (+33 1 44 78 47 99;
The fashionable Georges restaurant forms part of the ever-expanding Hôtel Costes empire. The suitably avant-garde design by young French/New Zealand architects Dominique Jacob and Brendan McFarlane includes large red aluminium blobs scattered around the room, some large enough to accommodate tables. In the afternoon it’s a peaceful place, perfect for lingering over a coffee.



A trip to Paris is not complete without Du Pain et Des Idées, where the perfectly flaky escargot-shaped pastries come in a visually stunning array of flavors.


Caviar Kaspia has been the go-to spot for the high society in Paris since the 1920s when it was opened by Russian owner Arcady Fixon. Here the likes of Carine Roitfield, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Beyoncé rub shoulders with politicians and the literary elite. The space feels like an old world private members club where guests are welcomed by name and taken through the ground floor shop and up to the hidden second floor. Champagne flows, vodka is served in carafes and caviar reigns. The menu is simple with extravagant ingredients and various ways to enjoy caviar – on blinis, with eggs, in a baked potato. There is a large selection of smoked fish and foie gras with a few soups and salads to accompany your main meal.



The ultimate left bank lunch spot, Café de Flore draws a style-conscious, bourgeois crowd—though at a time it was the place of choice for the likes of Picasso and Jean-Paul Sartre.


And strolling around is like pampering your senses, Jardim des Tuilleries is a must see, Notre Dame, Marais, Louvre, and the list goes on and on…









Written by Carla