About Sandro

Sandro SS18  takeaway was that shoppers will have no issue finding pieces that speak to their personal preferences.  Props to the design studio for looking beyond runway trends when aggregating the best of what’s out there. And credit also goes to Evelyne Chétrite for overseeing a range that came across more elevated in detail than usual—it lived up to its mid-luxury positioning.This monochrome look captures the season’s upbeat personality and diverse spirit. More and more, Sandro is reaching a wider group of women, Her vision of femininity is the basis for her designs; she focuses on her favourite area of expression, the masculine-feminine equation, and shares an indisputable Parisian elegance with those she dresses. Evelyne designs unambiguous clothes to be worn by an urban girl who hones a discreet look, only to be all the more visible for it.

I hope you like what I had in store for you and as every other time, don’t be shy and send me your thoughts.Bye Bye!

Mais detalhada, dirigida a um grupo maior de mulheres, com uma diversidade digna de aplausos, esta marca de médio luxo, olhou para lá dos looks de show, construindo uma colecção que agrega o que há de melhor neste momento.  Créditos atribuídos a  Evelyne Chétrite, por continuar a criar peças cheias de personalidade, femininas, elegantes, destinadas a mulheres urbanas, discretas, tornando-as mais visíveis exactamente por isso! Este look apesar de monocromático, numa colecção cheia de cor, demonstra exactamente isso, há uma opção para todos os estilos…

Espero que tenham gostado, mais importante ainda é o vosso feedback! Bye Bye!!

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Written by Carla